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Slow Water


As our climate changes, the likelihood of heavy rain increases. In urban environments hard surfaces increases the run-off into drains and flooding often results. The feature looks at the ways cities can tackle this problem, using soft landscaping such as permeable pavements and rainwater harvesting can reduce run-off.

This is a term that I had not heard of before but it was mentioned on this morning's Today Programme on Radio 4. The interviewee had not heard of it either. But we all know what its about - the slowing down of water runoff during heavy rain to help reduce flooding. Sadly, no amount of flood water management would have saved Cockermouth from 2 metre high flood waters, but its something that urban planners need to think about as monsoon rain becomes more common in the UK!

018010 - Stockley Business   Park, - United Kingdom
050079 - Sedum Roof -   United Kingdom
053562 - Under ground   parking, The Porsche Garden   - United Kingdom
053585 - Man resting in his   garden, next to pond -   United Kingdom
054845 - Plants growing on   roof - United Kingdom
055015 - Low-impact   roundhouse with ornate cob   walls and green roof -   United Kingdom

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