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Green Luxury in the Seychelles


A stunning villa in the Seychelles built from recycled materials. Photos by Karl Ammann, text by Sally Morgan .

Perched on a rocky outcrop and with the waves crashing below and surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, is Residence-on-the-Rocks. This stunning two-storey house with guest house and infinity pool, has the prime position above the prestigious Banyan Tree Resort on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles. The perfect retreat for royalty. This beautiful villa has been built by renowned wildlife photographer and conservation activist Karl Ammann . Knowing that he had one of the best plots on an island where there are requirements to have minimal impact on the environment, he has taken his time and built a villa that combines luxury with green credentials – not an easy task. The name of the villa, Residence on the Rocks comes from the huge granite boulders that are critical to the design. In the building process, no rock or tree was moved, the design having to fit them in. This is most marked in the main lounge where a huge granite rock forms the backdrop to the room, looking as if a gigantic elephant has put his foot in the room, while on a verandah, a tree trunk emerges through the decking. Critical to the whole design process were recycled timbers , door and windows imported from India, Myanmar and Kenya. Development in these countries is happening at breakneck speed and many older buildings are knocked down to make way for the new. Fortunately, the value of the old materials has not been overlooked and before the buildings are demolished teams of carpenters arrive, photos are taken of the most useful architectural features in situ, before they are dismantled and taken to architectural salvage yards. There the carpenters make repairs. Photographs are sent to buyers around the world. These amazing salvage yard are filled with hardwood doors and window frames, floor boards, marble colonnades, intricate filigree metalwork and much more. Customers visit and items they purchase are shipped in containers around the world.

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